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Mercy Mode is an independent alternative rock band formed by Chase Coleman in 2017. Influenced by many successful musicians both mainstream and spanning through the decades, Mercy Mode’s sound finds inspiration from many bands alternative rock, synth and even classical.


Chase has stated that he wishes for listeners to resonate with the sound of Mercy Mode's music and define their own meaning for the name of the band as well as for the meaning of the music.


With several original songs already completed, Mercy Mode is aiming to maintain their own sense of creative freedom and expression with their music. Thanks to the evolution of the industry through social media outlets in recent years, it has allowed bands a more individualistic approach to maintain a stronger connection with fans, a process Mercy Mode wants very much to uphold. Their goals include being able to open for other bands on tour and eventually collaborate with favorites in the industry. But as with all musicians, the ultimate dream is to be able to play live shows and tour worldwide for fans everywhere.

In the U.S., Mercy Mode can be seen live at any of Creation Entertainment’s The Vampire Diaries & The Originals convention shows held in numerous cities throughout the year.


Currently, is rehearsing and working constantly on new material. His first single, “Take It All,” was released on March 15, 2017 and is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play. Their second and third singles "I Told You Why" and "Breathe" r is also available on those music platforms.



In February of 2018, they released 2 new singles, "Breathe" and "I Told You Why." A small tour is in the works for the band in 2018 around Europe. In the U.S., Mercy Mode can be seen live at many convention shows all over the world held in numerous cities throughout the year. Currently, Mercy Mode is finishing their debut album under their own independent label.


For more information on the band and any upcoming shows, please visit the official website for Mercy Mode:



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